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Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

Session one
  • Setting the scene - stress and anxiety the modern day scourge of Europe?
  • Stress - the full and costly consequences
  • Our Attitudes
  • Stigma
  • Common forms of mental distress

  • Session two
  • Signs of stress - on the personal and corporate dimension
  • Factors that heighten the risk of stress
  • Mild to moderate conditions - anxiety related conditions
  • Depression - the impact on men and women
  • Severe conditions - Bipolar affective disorder and Schizophrenia

  • Session three
  • Promoting a positive workplace - 6 key principles
  • What staff can do well
  • Ten signs of a bad manager
  • Equipping and supporting managers to promote well-being

  • Session four
  • Working with staff who suffer from mental illness or distress
  • The effects of medication
  • Managing long term sickness
  • The legal dimension
  • Recovery
  • What amd I going to do tomorrow?
  • The course is intended for managers at levels of organisations. It will include case studies, pair and small group activities combined with full group discussion.

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